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I Am a Landlord with a Property Problem

Although Angel Homes and Lettings are not solicitors we have held many landlord’s hands in dealing with more ‘challenging’ tenants. Often we are able to find ways of dealing with issues that solicitors and landlords have spent years and £1000’s of pounds not being able to resolve.


I was at my wits end with my rental property.  The arrears on my flat were over £5000 and I just couldn’t see where to turn.  I met Joanne from Angel Homes and Lettings at a local property meeting and she really was an angel.  Within days of instructing Joanne, paperwork was ready for court and I had my flat back and re let within 3 months.  Finally, I can sleep at night.
Mrs Date Basildon Essex

Case Study

Landlord 1 – 2 bed flat in Westcliff

Landlord 1 came to us with a tenant who had £8000 arrears that had accumulated over 5 years.  Unfortunately, the Landlord had not protected the tenants deposit at the beginning of the tenancy and so the Landlord was not able to evict.  Communication between tenant and Landlord had broken down.

What we did
  • Act as mediators to resolve the issues between the party
  • Arrange for the tenant to have full refund of the deposit
  • Help the tenant fund a more affordable property
  • Arrange a payment plan for the rental arrears

I Am a Landlord with a Question

What type of service should I use? Managed or Let only?

This is a question that only you can answer. What is your current lifestyle and how much time do you have to dedicate to managing your property? On average it takes 8 hours per month for you to manage 1 property. This doesn’t include the time it takes to educate yourself on the ever-changing legislation we experience. Do you have a power team of trades people? Are you able to answer a call 24/7 from your tenants and complete regular property visits to ensure the condition of your asset?

What type of tenant will you find for my property?

When we start to work with Landlords one of the first questions we ask is what type of tenants you feel comfortable with. We can advise you, taking in to account the type of property you have, how long you want to let it for, the condition of the property and the area it is in, but ultimately the decision is yours.

If you manage my property can I use my own tradesman?

Yes. We can take details of any preferred contractor you wish to use. However for us to disclose details to them, they must be fully GDPR compliant and insured.

Can I let my property for just 6 months?

We all know how expensive it is to move, so we only like to deal with Landlords that want to let their properties for longer periods of time. We don’t like to have to tell people bad news. If you only want to let your home for a short period of time that’s not a problem, we have a sister company that may be able to help you.

Where does the deposit money go?

If it’s a let only tenancy we will send the deposit funds to your designated deposit scheme. If we manage the property the deposit will be kept within our client account which is fully insured so your/ the tenants money is protected at all times.

I Am a Tenant with a Question

Renting a property can we a very nerve racking and worrying time. We understand that and will hold your hand through every step of your journey. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions from ur tenants.

How long does it take to find out if I have the property?

We are very thorough with our application process, so it can be as quick as 3-4 days but normally it is around 7-10 days.

How long can I stay in the property?

We will only deal with Landlords who want to let their properties long term. We do not believe in getting you all warm and settled in your new home and then asking you to move in 6 months. So, although we don’t hold you to it we are always looking for tenants who want long term tenancies.

Why do you do regular property visits?

As you can appreciate a house or flat is a big asset for someone to own. Our Landlords want to know that their properties are safe and secure. By visiting regularly, we can spot any potential maintenance issues for you and your Landlord early and stop them getting worse.

Why do you take a DVD on my move in day?

The reason we take the DVD on the day you move in is to ensure we have a clear record of the condition of your property. This means that when you move out we cannot accuse you of any damage that you were not responsible for. This is another way Angel Homes & Lettings keep you safe.

Can I lose my reference fee?

Yes, if you are not 100% honest with us on the application form, or do not provide us with the relevant paperwork requested within a reasonable time. Also, if we offer you the property and you choose not to take it. If you are honest and provide paperwork in a reasonable period, but we choose to give the property to someone else we will give you a full refund.

I Want to Sell My Property

How long does it normally take to sell a property?

Normally for a freehold property the average time is 12 weeks, however for a leasehold property the average time is 16 weeks.

How long does an Energy Performance Certificate last for?

The “EPC” will last for 10 years, however as you do improvements to your home the energy performance will get better.

Do I need to sell my property before I can go out and look for my next property?

No. However, some vendors will only show their property to people who are able to proceed. By selling your property first you will know exactly how much you can afford for your next property.

Do I have to use a local solicitor/conveyancer, or can I go anywhere?

You can certainly use a registered solicitor anywhere, but using a local solicitor means you can go and speak to your solicitor on a face to face basis, which is something you may prefer to do.

Should I use more than one estate agent to sell my home?

Well, the tendency is to use just one estate agent. However, using more than one agent can get you more exposure. Whether you want to go multi agency will depend very much on each individual circumstance, and how quick a property needs to be sold.

I Am a Property Buyer

Should I do anything before looking for my first property?

Your priority as a first-time buyer is to go and speak with your bank or an independent financial advisor and get a mortgage agreement in principle in writing. This will ensure that agents and vendors will take you seriously

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

A freehold property means that you own the bricks and the land the property is built on. You have full control of the property and there are no outside costs. A leasehold property means that although you own the property, you do not own the land. There is a freeholder and that freeholder will charge you ground rent every year and for some properties you will have to pay a monthly service charge.

If I buy a leasehold property, how long should the lease be?

If you are buying a leasehold property with a mortgage, always check with your lender first to ensure this is acceptable with them. Generally, mortgage companies will want the lease to have a minimum of 80 years left.

Are there any costs up front before I move in?

Yes, solicitors will require monies on account to deal with searches and other legal requirements. Some mortgage lenders will want you to pay for the survey but there are lenders who will not charge you for the survey (it all depends on what mortgage product you have chosen).

What type of survey should I go for?

Well, it all depends on the property and age. If you decide to buy a newish property a home buyers report should be enough, however if the property is quite old, you should consider a full structural survey.

Don't just take our word for it

I have worked closely with Angel Homes and Lettings over the last couple of months and I believe them to be an excellent provider of service to anyone looking to let in and around Southend. Their staff are extremely approachable and friendly and will tailor their advice to your needs! Would highly recommend to anyone in the area | Tom Goodman

Angel Homes and Lettings are simply amazing they are honest, reliable and simply the best! Could not recommend Kyle and all of the team any more! We would not use anyone else but these guys! | Louise Wheeler

Angel Homes and Lettings have been brilliant. They've let the property to a great tenant and communicated progress at every step of the way. That's what we call great service. A perfectly reliable team. Who could ask for more? | Lucas Vigilante

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